At the house of Vile Laurence

Limited Pre-Order 6/19 @ 12 pm: Fiery Talon Hotplate

6.21 Menu

The Fiery Talon $12

  • Sour Duck Shokupan (Milk-bread)
  • Buttermilk brined chicken thighs, breaded with panko, fried
  • Solaran Yellow Sauce (house-made garlic aioli with karashi mustard and curry)
  • Dilled red cabbage
  • Pickle House dill pickles
  • Szechuan spice blend
  • Szechuan chili oil dip
  • $2 Donation to Black History Bike Ride

Phoenix Style

  • The above sandwich
  • Phoenix dip (Trinidadian Scorpion pepper, Szechuan chili oil)

Essence of the Phoenix

A distilled version of our Fiery Talon sauce, with Trinidadian Scorpion Peppers and Fresno Chilies.
1oz Glass Bottle $2

Black History Bike Ride

Additional donations may be made at Black History Bike Ride

The Fiery Talon Cult

Hailing from the dizzying heights of Mount Piltich, the mysterious Fiery Talon Cult is bringing their eponymous fried chicken sandwiches to Austin, Texas. Having already made a name for themselves across Inesland, from the ports of Calderi to the stone halls of Lowland, these Phoenix worshipping cultists are hoping to convince the good people of Austin to join their cause.